Pediatric Dentistry

Bob is no longer afraid of dentists

"Dr. Robert Smith was very caring and has put my son Bob quickly at ease. Thanks a lot!"


1. How did you know about this clinic?

I work as a project manager in a business center located in Brooklyn, New York. Once my son called me at work and told that he had awful toothache. I have never faced such a challenge and didn't know what clinic and dentist to choose and one of my colleagues recommended me to address to Dr. Robert Smith who works at Sullivan Heights Dental Clinic.

2. How long do you visit Sullivan Heights Dental?

We’ve been taking my son Bob to Sullivan Heights Dental for the past four years. He has had regular checkups along with a number of fillings. I can say that I admire Dr. Robert Smith. He is always extremely friendly, makes great work, and does everything to put my son at ease. Bob is no longer afraid of dentists.

3. Tell about your first visit to the dentist

My son Bob had a terrible toothache. He has never been to a dentist earlier and worried a lot. Just imagine my anxiety, he is afraid of all doctors. I tried to calm down myself and Bob as well. So we went to Sullivan Heights Dental Clinic. Once we entered the door, we were greeted with a smile. We were assigned a dentist Robert Smith. He was very friendly and caring with my son, explained everything that he was going to do, and Bob quickly got at ease. He sat back and relaxed enjoying watching his favorite cartoon. Now Bob looks forward to going to the dentist.


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